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Too much focus on terrorist threats from Islamists while home grown spread deadly terror

Monday, 25 July 2011
Attacks in Norway have created much attention and debate around the world. Many commentators believe that in the past more focus has been placed  on the terrorist threat from Islamists - and not enough on the right-wing extremism.

European newspaper writes today, long articles about how xenophobic tendencies have grown pretty well in the Nordic countries in recent years, but more of a threat to the people is mostly seen as coming from abroad.

For example, in Germany, Spain, Britain and several others have commented to the fact that immigrant critical parties have been allowed to thrive and compete with real dialogue parties, The have thus been welcome into their respective parliaments  - in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and most recently in Finland.

Spanish newspaper El Pais writes that racist ideologies are at least as big threat to our democracy as Islamist terrorism. “European politicians outbid each other with Islamophobic bill, it encourages a debate with xenophobic elements", the paper said.

The Russian daily Izvestia Newspaper writes: "The Norwegian immigration policies made up for it. No doubt the Norwegian police and intelligence services should have devoted more attention and nationalist movements after that."

The fact that Anders Behring Breivik was inspired by American bloggers has brought strong reactions in the U.S., where newspapers are debating whether the police and the media have been too much focus on radical Islam.


Among other things, the New York Times sees a need for a broader perspective on terrorism in the United States. Radical violence and glorification of individuals contained within all ideological directions, the paper said.

Many Islam-critical bloggers are trying now to distance themselves from the attack and in different ways to explain why large chunks of texts from their website can be found in Anders Behring Breivik’s thousand-page manifesto.

Even in the Middle East there was discussion about the attacks in Oslo. Journalist Octava Nasr writes in the Lebanese newspaper Al Nahar that the reactions to the attack in Norway from journalists and experts in the West have been very tight.

He writes: "The majority of Western media is quick to condemn the violence only when Islamic terrorism is involved. They are more conservative when the terror is carried out by locals who do not fit the image of terrorists. When the West is attacked by one of its own, it is very difficult to digest and to deal with this reality. "

Al-Jazeera commentator Ibrahim Hewitt writes on the TV channel's website:
"We call him a 'lonely madman', as if the event would be a one-off. By calling him a madman so retouching our own event and ignore to seek answers to what his motives were. Atrocity in Norway is a warning signal."
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