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Thousands of teaching positions in Swedish schools will disappear

Thursday, 17 November 2011
The next few years, municipalities will cut down on the number of teaching posts in secondary schools in Sweden. This based on calculation carried out by the Parliamentary investigation served on behalf of the Green Party.

Next year, Swedish municipalities will received less state subsidies to the tone of Skr 675 million and the savings will continue and end in 2015 of Skr1.9 billion, according to Swedish television news program Rapport.

According to the calculation, it would mean that there will be 3600 fewer teaching positions by 2015, which Teachers National Association, the opposition parties and the Local Authorities and Regions (SKL), are questioning.

SKL has previously negotiated with the government, but failed to reach an agreement.
“SKL did not agree with the government. We wished that it would defer savings because it is so difficult to calculate the impact of the savings,” says Maria Stockhaus of the moderate party and Chairman of the SKL's educational preparation, the report said.
By Scancomark.se Team

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