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The most dangerous places in Sweden are found in Stockholm

Friday, 02 December 2011
You always hear about great things about Sweden especially if you live abroad since Sweden is not properly covered by foreign media. So the one of two great things you hear about Sweden makes you feel that that this is heaven. It is true that compared to some places Sweden is a great and safe place to live in but that depend on where you come from, who you are and what the nature of your skin colour, eye colour and head colour looks like.
In the capital Stockholm, you look around, it is very beautiful place almost like a design from an imaginary world, clean, well planned and smells good but there is a dark side to this niceness. There places here that are dangerous so if you are a tourist, visitor, have a black skin, or non blue eyes and the like be careful as you move around.

According to the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, Stureplan based in Stockholm, is the most dangerous place in the entire county. The paper’s mapping shows where you are most at risk of violent crime. "A common feature of the area is, alcohol and entertainment," says Fredrik Marklund, investigators at the National Council for crime prevention (Brå) to the paper

So far this year, the police in Stockholm has received over 13,000 complaints regarding abuse, rape and muggings that took place outdoors, as well as murder, manslaughter and assault with a fatal outcome.


Of all places characterised with violence in Sweden, Stureplan is the most dangerous.
“Statistically speaking, there is increased risk of you being exposed to violence if you are staying at Stureplan during weekend nights. But we have a problem with violent crime outside of Stockholm in general.  We've been working hard for many years to clamp down on crime.
The negative trend would have been much more depressing if we had worked as hard as we have done,” says Johan Heed, acting for the local police chief in Östermalm.

The other most dangerous places are in areas according to Dagens Nyheter is many venues that have entertainment in their character such as Brunkeberg (at the Sergel Square), Hötorgcity and Åsötorget (at Götgatan on Södermalm).

About 60 percent of reported crimes in Stureplan over a three year period were recorded between three and six at night. But the problem is not related to that fact that some places close late, rather, that they close at the same time.
By Scancomark.se Team

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