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The Swedes have lost interest in the kingdom and Royal family

Wednesday, 13 April 2011
Never before has public confidence for the Swedish Royal family been so low. Just a little over a third, 34 percent of the population have confidence in the royal house, according to a new survey.

Interest and believe in the presence of the Swedish royal family in Sweden is dying down according to a latest study carried out by the SOM Institute at the University of Gothenburg.

The institute is an independent survey organisation at the University of Gothenburg which has collaborated with researchers from a range of disciplines since 1986. They aim to explore Swedes’ attitudes in a range of areas and to understand the evolution of the Swedish society.

The figures for the position of the royal family in the Swedish political place show a lowered royal confidence and support after the book "The reluctant monarch" was published recently.

Both the links of the Royal family to Nazism and lifestyle issue of the king has lowered the confidence of the Swedish people to the Royal family. This also echoes the voice of the new leader of the social democrats who accepted that the Royal house be closed and the kingdom abolish.

We see this very clearly, "said Lennart Nilsson Centre for Organizational Research at G�teborg University. He argues that attention on the scandals and the "non-royal-related" issues such as the much talked bout king's lifestyle has contributed to lower the public confidence of the Royal house. But he points out, the proportion who wants to introduce republic has not increased, meaning that there might be dislike to this particular Royal family.

But the figures did not look as black out the whole year. On the contrary, after the princess’s wedding, support for the monarchy was great from 56 to 62 percent. In fact, the confidence in the royal family was fine after the king's high-profile speech to the tsunami victims of 2005. 

But things changed later and confidence started diving after the publication of the book, which brought out lost of previously unreported issues about the king and his family. The monarchy started slopping from 54 percent down to 41 percent now to present 34 percent.

Since 1996 when measurements began confidence in the royal family and the support for the monarchy has steadily declined. The Swedish Royal Court said today that they’ll take note of the declining support but that they had no comment.
By Scancomark.se Team

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