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The Danes decline moves towards assimilation – prefer integration and multiculturalism.

Sunday, 13 March 2011
The European culture war goes on and in Denmark, the Danes feel that their values are under pressure from foreign cultures, but that does not mean that the Danes are afraid that their culture will be eroded.

According to a latest Gallup poll, majority of Danes are against the new Integration Minister, Soeren Pind's  proposed changing the "integration" of foreigners into the Danish society criterion to "assimilation".

Søren Pind said as quoted in various Danish news papers on Sunday that aliens must become Danes by doing as the Danes and embracing the Danish culture wholeheartedly if they want to be Danish nationals.

The song which was tuned by German Chancellor recently that multiculturalism has failed in Germany and which was later on song by the British Prime minister David Cameron, was re-tuned here in Denmark as   Soeren Pind said that Multiculturalism leads to oppression of women and violence against children as such  aliens must be "assimilated". This apparently referring to the honour killings, women covering themselves in public, arranged marriages and list goes on....

This means that in all terms, they must abandoned their culture and take over the Danish rather than being "embedded" with, while also practicing theirs along side. This would means that the Moslims who are the most radical in cultural 'understanding and dynamism' would abandon their ways of life, believes and embrace fully the Danish culture in order to be accepted in the Danish society, according to Soren Pind.

A majority of those polled, 58 percent agree with Soren Pind that multiculturalism, where different cultures live side by side, have penetrated Denmark and pushed its culture to the background. Nearly half of Danes believe that Islam is the biggest influence in weakening the Danish culture and are weary of it.

But a majority 54 percent also said that they still prefer a multicultural society rather than a monoculture one. Simultaneously, 60 percent of Danes wants to continuously integrating foreigners, while 29 percent want that assimilation should be the norm.

Soren Pind replaced another controversial integration minister Birthe Rowan Hornbech, who resigned recently after presiding over a very rigorous integration policies characterised by  rowdy political  activities which even threatened  relationship with fellow Nordic countries. She also abrogated the UN convention on stateless children that saw her amassing a lot of pressure such that she could not bare.
By Scancomark.se Team

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