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That the Swedish business environment is deteriorating?

Sunday, 22 April 2012
For the first time since the coalition government took office in 2006 the Swedish business climate is reportedly worsened. It is the perspective of the confederation of Swedish Enterprise's latest rankings which was presented on Sunday morning.

38 000 companies participated in the survey and after several years in which entrepreneurs assessed the investment climate in the country to have been either better or somewhat positive, the trend has now turned.

“This year we see a disturbing trend. The business environment is perceived as inferior. We see a general downward trend,” says Elisabeth Lundstrom, Project Manager at Swedish Näringliv or confederation of Swedish entreprises to Swedish television.

“The basic problem is that companies in Sweden are not experiencing the investment climate, which could be assessed as better or acceptable.”

On a rating scale of 1 – 6 was the business environment in 2006 at 3.3, and then rose slightly after the alliance came to power, but the past year has again seen deterioration back at 3.3.

“The business environment is a broad question and you have to take this trend change for themselves and working on improvement and change,” says Elisabeth Lundström of the Swedish Enterprise.

The government, primarily the Finance minister,  Anders Borg, has criticized the business community on several occasions, which may have influenced the results.

“The business environment has to do with attitudes. So it may have been affected.
By Scancomark.se Team

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