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Norwegian Mass murderer, Breivik is declared insane - psychiatrists report

Tuesday, 29 November 2011
The expert psychiatrists, Synne S�rheim and Torgeir Husby have had a total of 13 calls with 32-year-old Breivik to come to the conclusion about his mental condition.
This morning they sent their report to the Oslo City Court and by 13 hours presented their findings to prosecutors, Svein Holden and No Bejer Engh at a press conference at which some 60 journalists participated.

The Psychiatrists wrote in their report that Breivik "was psychotic" and the conclusion is therefore that Breivik is criminally insane, suffering from paranoid schizophrenia

The report says that Breivik was psychotic during the terrorist attacks and even psychotic during talks with psychiatrists. According to the report authors Breivik suffers from a paranoid schizophrenic which during "a long time have shaped him and made him the person he is today."

Many people were surprised at the report's conclusion that Breivik was deemed unsound in mind, many thought he would be judged as sane as he had planned the attacks for so long time.


Psychiatrists believe that Breivik has "grandiose delusions" and that he has seen himself as "chosen to decide who should live and who should die." Breivik, has had to protect "his people" and consided that they were "the most perfect soldier since World War II."

In talks with psychiatrists, Breivik has also said that his Templar organization will take power in Europe and that he sees himself as the future ruler of Norway.

If the court agrees with the experts on the assessment, it could be that Breivik would probably to be sentenced to forensic psychiatric compulsory care and not imprisonment. Today it was only the conclusion in 243 – page report that was published; the rest is saved for trial this spring.

Whether the district court agrees with the expert psychiatrists or not, the trial of Breivik will be held as scheduled in April next year, according to the confirmation of the prosecutor.

Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in Oslo and on the island Ut�ya in July 22 this year. Support group for survivors and relatives after the terrorist attacks - Nasjonal supported grouping hopes that Breivik is forced into a long time behind bars.

Spokesperson Trond Blattmann commented to media station NRK that he hopes that the diagnosis does not open that Breivik be able to return to society.

“If he can not be sentenced to prison, we hope that he will not come out sooner as he is declared healthy. We who are affected do not want Breivik to be able to harm society again.”
By Scancomark.se Team


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