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Take down satellite dishes or you’ll be evicted- the tale of how Sweden wants to wipe out satellite dishes

Wednesday, 06 April 2011
The relationship between the Swedish authorities and satellite dishes that make Swedish residents with foreign background watch television programs from abroad and or from their home countries have never been great. There have been intermittent skirmishes between the authorities and the residence but there has been an uneasy calm in recent years. This issue has come up again.

The European court of human right ruled earlier that information is a human right, but this apparently not in the city of Jakobsberg neighbourhood of the Stockholm vicinity in Sweden.

There tenants who have satellite dishes that stand on their balconies are threatened with eviction if the dishes are not removed. Those with satellites are mostly foreigners who have been suing the means to watch diverse TV programs from foreign lands.

The reason for the call to remove the satellites has been attributed safety. The authorities or the land lords say that the satellite dished could fall on passer - bys on the streets given that these dishes are on apartments. Land lords also claim that the lack insurance to cover injuries sustained by those who might be affected by falling dishes is another reason.

Tenants are advised to install the dish, but it must not stick out, it should not be drilled on the wall or installed on the balcony railing said tenants whom the Swedish television talked to.

If this rule has to be followed, there wouldn’t be any need for the dish as there wouldn’t be any signal.
Three years ago, tenants were threatened with eviction in Rinkeby, Stockholm that if they did not take down their satellite dishes, they’ll loose their tenancy. Then the EU’s human right court told Sweden that freedom of information was a human right and that sources of information must be protected. This includes satellite dishes. But now the techniques that are being used to eliminate the dishes is the safety line. 

Although there is talks of accidents occurring, the proliferation of the satellite dishes have been seen by Swedish right wings as the reason why many immigrants fail to integrate. They accuse some of these immigrants of not following the Swedish culture and news on television – most Swedish channels could be access via cable and broad band.  The immigrants stay in Sweden but still living in their own country – a place they abandoned to come and live in Sweden.

Another attribute is that lobbyist – cable television companies are forcing officials to call on land lords to force these immigrants to take subscription of cable TV or just to force them to be watching more Swedish TV.
By Scancomark.se Team

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