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Swedish ultra radical far right political party, National Democrats advertises on Facebook

Tuesday, 22 November 2011
The Swedish fearful ultra radical far right political part, the National Democrats are canvassing for more members into their organisation and are now advertising on Facebook, according to Swedish media reports.

"The ads must not contain hate content, slander or incite to violence," says Facebook's PR manager, Jan B Fredriksson according to various media reports.

An ad with three white sheep kicking out a black sheep from a Swedish flag is an example of the party's Facebook ads. Under the picture reads, "Stop the gangs - deport the whole family! For a Swedish future ", according to Swedish newspaper,  Dagens Media.

The company's policy on advertising is that "hateful content" may not be used in ads, but according to Jan B. Fredriksson, it may still take several weeks before the ad is removed. By that time and as we are reporting about it, many sympathisers would have seen and lulled by its content and message.

Some people even feel that it will not be removed at all. In the interview with Dagens Media, according to media reports, Fredriksson is of the opinions that such ad which may be considered too offensive may remain as long as they do not violate those rules. Whether an advertisement violates the rules or not is up to the Facebook administrators in Dublin to decide.

National Democrats was formed in 2001 by two politicians who were expelled from Sweden Democrats because they were considered to have been too extreme in their views. Since the party hard remained in the shadows of the Swedish political landscape but as the Sweden democrats are making impressive mark on the Swedish political landscape now and the  fact that in neighbouring Finland the True Finns have gain popularity, the National Democrats feel that they also have to make themselves known by seeking for attention.
By Scancomark.se Team


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