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Swedish teens prefer drugs over alcohol

Saturday, 28 May 2011
Cannabis has now led alcohol among young people in Sweden especially in Stockholm. New figures from the organisation Maria Ungdom (Maria Youth) shows for the first time that more young Swedish people choose to consume cannabis as their main drug and are shying away from alcohol.

The break through in the trend came last year, when 51 percent of those who were admitted to the Mary Youth clinic reported that cannabis was their main drug. 47 percent said alcohol was their then.

In 2009, the figures were reverse, 54 percent preferred alcohol and 43 percent cannabis.
“We have seen a huge increase in cannabis intake. It's a cinch to get in to and it has gone down the age groups, in almost every school in S�der, in the seventh to eighth grade where there are those who smoke, "said Anna Olsson, field assistant in S�dermalm.

Stockholm survey, a research conducted every other year among all who are in ninth grade and grade 2 in high school, shows that drug use is increasing and consumption of alcohol decreasing.

In S�dermalm, 17 percent of students in the 9th grade use drug. Among boys, it went down to fourth grade.
“At a school 40 percent of students said that they are able to try the drug if they wish. There have always been young people who smoke and drink  and the group is growing larger now, "said Anna Olsson.

Stockholm city is now investing Skr 2million so that the district should have resources to fight against drugs.

“More younger people smoke cannabis openly and regularly, we also see a general liberalization of attitudes towards drugs. We must break the trend,” said assistant Mayor Anna K�nig Jerlmyr.


Anna Olsson and Monica Ahlqvist, drug prevention coordinator at S�der, agrees that the attitude towards drugs has become more liberal.
“There is an enormous amount of cannabis in the American TV series and movies, it becomes very natural, "said Anna Olsson.

“But availability is by far the biggest factor,” said Monica Ahlquist. “There is a lot of cannabis around and the price has stood still.”

“Moreover, the young people don’t know much about as they know alcohol. Cannabis is so treacherous, it damages the brain, "she said.

The four field assistants in S�dermalm working mostly with high school have met teachers and parents to talk about the effects of drugs. Last year there was 77 parent-teacher meetings and informed about drugs.

“There is enormous ignorance. Parents of seventh graders say "no, this can not be true," said Anna Olsson that their children are indulging in drugs.

The field Assistants are calling for more assistance into primary care, which young people can get in touch within a week. Social commissioner agrees.
“We must do something. We must find more of those young people who use drugs and get more for treatment, "said Anna K�nig Jerlmyr.
By Scancomark.se Team

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