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Minister using the system to make money of just a coincidence?

How Swedish immigration minister Billström to become rich in Swedish housing market and Swedish compensation system

Thursday, 27 October 2011
Swedish immigration minister Tobias Billström’s overnight apartment has been converted into a condominium. The Minister will make a profit of more than Skr2 million if he chooses to sell the apartment. At the same time he is given compensation for his rental apartment in Malmo. So we ask if the minister is using the system to make money or taking advantage of the weaknesses within the Swedish political compensation system

Swedish tabloid newspaper, Aftonbladet is out with knives after politician to determine if Swedish politicians are abusing the powers bestowed on them. This is how the paper discovered that the leader of the Swedish Social Democrat party, Håkan Juholt has played with housing benefit claims. That escape almost brought down the man and pushed support for the party to an all time low in the latest opinion poll.

Now the paper has turned to the ruling class and is looking each one by one.  The first in line is the Migration and Asylum Policy Minister, Tobias Billström. With nothing illegal here to report about but the moral aspect remain questionable.


Swedish MPs and cabinet ministers are entitled to keep their home address in your community, even if they do not spend much time there, and be reimbursed for double accommodation.

This is how Migration and Asylum Policy minister, Tobias Billström's home in Stockholm known as his "overnight stay flat" where his wife and children live, while the minister himself is registered in an address in Malmo seem to be an example of how the big wigs in Swedish politics use their position to gain some wealth.

Billström is entitled to Skr80,000 a year in accommodation compensation for double accommodation, writes Aftonbladet.
And when the rental property in Stockholm is transformed into condominiums,  Billström is positioned to make a big money from that. The Minister bought his apartment in Hammarby Sjöstad for Skr 2.8 million for a 90 square meters apartment. After transformation, a similar apartment has recently been sold for Skr5.2 million, the newspaper said.

But Mr Billström also has a good chance to make another great deal with his apartment in Malmö if it can also be transformed.

Aftonbladet said that the minister spends more time with his family in Stockholm and it remains questionable as to how much time he spends in his residence is Malmo.
Parliamentary housing allowance was become an issue of prominence when it emerged that the Social Democratic party leader Håkan Juholt received too much benefit for him home.
By Scancomark.se Team

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