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Swedish military secretes to be sold out to a secret bidder. The government alarmed

Thursday, 26 January 2012
German group ThyssenKrupp Marine is about to sell out the Swedish defence secrets. They want to off load composite production workshop and composite technology in Kockums to a mysterious newly formed Swedish company Swedish defence, FMV will stop the deal.

The owner of the Swedish company, Kockum, ThyssenKrupp is reported by various Swedish media to have engaged in the autumn in direct negotiations to let loose the so-called composite workshop at Kockum’s Karlskrona Shipyard.

The other party must have been a senior official at Kockums. The person was until mid-January, employed as head of Kockum’s Business surface vessels, and he agreed with his employer to stop the business talks because of discussions with Kockums owners.

The workshop produced a unique Swedish composite material which has attracted much attention internationally. It's about panels consisting of carbon fiber and vinyl ester and used in the hull of the five Visby corvettes. Composite technology is strong and suitable to the hull with low radar signature.

According to reason as to why ThyssenKrupp wants to sell the production of civil carbon fiber and vinyl to the officer, It holds that Kockum itself has not succeeded so well with it. But the deal would also include composite workshop, where the panels to the Swedish naval vessels are manufactured.

The negotiations came as a complete surprise to the Defence Materiel Administration, “FMV), which says definitely “No” to the deal. Production of panels to Visby corvette makes the workshop important for the defence, and it focuses on technology that was developed largely with money from the Swedish state.

In a critical letter to Kockums Andreas Olsson writes, head of the lake system at FMV, the Kockums' composite technology, "largely contain confidential information with respect to national security."

“How long the negotiations has been going on remains unknown, but we did not get information from Kockums until the 19th or January 2012. It was a total surprise, says Ulf Lindstrom, press officer at FMV.

FMV's position is that ThyssenKrupp, under previous contracts can not sell "design and production of the composite to a third party" without the deal being is approved by the Swedish state.
By Scancomark.se Team

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