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Swedish king could abdicate after scandals and intense falling support

Saturday, 28 May 2011
The pressure on the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf is getting stronger and there are already talks that he might give in and abdicate the throne. More Swedish people have lost confidence in him and his popularity has never been this low.

After the recent scandals which we have not reported that much on our network, the support for the king has plunged fully into the abyss such that only 44 percent of Swedes want him to remain on the throne. Despite that, who should take over if he had to abdicate remain questionable because 41 percent want the Crown Princess Victoria to take over according to a news opinion poll conducted by polling organisation Synovate for the news paper Dagens Nyeheter.

In the past weeks, a serious storms had blown up around the Swedish king. One of his best friends Anders Lettenstr�m admitted that he made contact with Milan Sevo, identified as a leading figure in the Stockholm underworld.

The aim was to investigate whether there were surreptitiously taken pictures of the king and his friends in embarrassing situations, and if so, he opted to buy them from former porno club owner Mille Markovic.

As the pictures turned out to exist, it showed the Kings lifestyle different from what the public thought. He has been a top rated player, visiting porn clubs, playing with young girls in various cultish sex acts and which were secretly captured and kept for the right moment.


As the heat was turned on when the information reached the press, the king then sent a statement that “in response to the latest information in the media, I would say that it is good to clarify some facts that have emerged recently. I did not get involved with any form of negotiation with criminals," the king wrote according to palace spokeswoman Bertil Ternert.

According to Swedish television channel, TV4, which has seen the pictures, but can not guarantee their authenticity, it present the king’s two images.

In February last year, support for the Swedish king was 64 percent of those who wanted him to remain on the throne as Swedish king.  Then only 17 percent thought he would abdicate in favour of Victoria.

Thing started going down hill for the king when a book about him was published in November last year which shed light of the king's lifestyle. It explained in details how the king visited strip clubs and wild parties. This the king's support started plummeting and stood at 51 percent.

Now after the latest scandal, 44 percent of Swedes want the king to remain. Almost as many, 41 percent want him to hand over to his daughter. But still the support for the princesses is still not high.

“It is clearly embarrassing for him. The King has come to a level where more people want to see Victoria on the throne than him, "said Nick K�llebring, public opinion analyst at Synovate.
“But the big reason for the shift is the recent writings and speculations about what have been on these photographs, "he adds.

Although support for the monarchy as an institution, is steadily decreasing, but not as dramatic as the figure of the king personally. Today, 66 percent support retaining the monarchy against 70 percent in November and 74 percent in February.

This outcome is consistent with other assessments. According to the SOM Institute at Gothenburg University, which has been measuring confidence in the royal family since 1995, the support for the Royals over the period of 10 years has declined. In the latest poll 60 percent of Swedes want Sweden to retain the monarchy.
By Scancomark.se Team

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