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Swedish football star,  Marcus Allb�ck suspected of Gothenburg corruption

Thursday, 09 June 2011
Former Swedish National team football start and now working as part of the national team management, Marcus Allb�ck, is suspected of crimes relation to corruption in Gothenburg, state prosecutor said.
 Last year Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden and one of the most important industrial hubs in the Scandinavia was rocked by corruption in its local government management.  Among those who were part of the sleaze team is now former Swedish football star, who is now working as a management team for the notional team.


State prosecutor Nils-Eric Schultz told news agency TT that Marcus Allb�ck is reasonably suspected of complicity in gross breach of trust, and that he has been assigned a public defender.

Allb�ck is not formally been served notice of suspicion and Schultz does not want to go into more detail on what Allb�ck is suspected of.
“I had actually put the privacy of the name, but the district court has lifted it, so I will not comment on it.”
“It is completely preposterous. But you have to abide by and go talk to them. However, we are fully confident that they understand that they are on the wrong track when they see that Marcus has documentation of everything, "said Allb�ck’s lawyer Bj�rn Breitfeld to the paper G�teborgs-Posten.

Marcus Allb�ck is related to one of those suspected of serious corruption in the Gothenburg scandal. According to G�teborgs-Posten, his suspicions lie in the cost of works in Marcus Allb�ck’s private villa. It looks like the costs were paid by a municipal company.

He lawyer says that “He can show that he paid all the expenses on his house himself,”said  Breitfeldt to the newspaper.

According to G�teborgs-Posten, Marcus Allb�ck has previously been asked to come to a public hearing in response to corruption charges but he declined on the grounds that his father, who is a builder, Stefan Allb�ck, is the subject of a criminal investigation.

Through his lawyer Marcus Allb�ck wants express that during the period when the alleged crime is said to have been committed he was living abroad. According to the defense, it should be seen as further proof that Marcus Allb�ck is not been involved in corruption in any way.
By Scancomark.se Team

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