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Swedish far right party’s politician has similar views as the Norwegian mass murderer Breivik

Tuesday, 26 July 2011
Sweden Democrats and municipal politician in Varberg, Erik Hellsborn believe that the massacre in Norway is being blamed on mass immigration and "Islamization" of the Norwegian society.

Writing on his blog, he did not feel any guilt or sorrow for the events that led to more 76 percent dead but tended to share the terror suspect's opinions.

"If there was no Islamization and mass immigration there wouldn’t have been something that would trigger Behring Breivik to do what he did," writes the far right Sweden democrat politician, Erik Hellsborn.

“The ultimate responsibility always lies on the offender, but you should discuss the underlying causes that drove him which is the multiculturalism,” clarifies Erik Hellsborn to local news media, Halland News.


Hellsborn continues in his writing that he does not feel any shame or guilt that he and Anders Behring Breivik share the nationalist ideology. Those who should feel guilty are those he calls "cosmopolitan groups" and says that "in a Norwegian Norway, this tragedy would never occur." This he means that had Norway been only for Norwegians then there wouldn’t have been such a mass murdering of innocent armless young people.

Asked if Behring Breivik political agenda in many respects are similar to those of the Sweden Democrats, do they bear some responsibility for that?

Erik Hellsborn said: “No, Breivik is a product of the multicultural society. Had Europe not become multicultural then such fatal shootings would never have occurred.”
By Scancomark.se Team

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