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Swedish defence employee arrested in India with cartridges

Thursday, 05 January 2012
A Swedish defense female employee is reported to have been arrested at an airport in Goa, India with a loaded 5.56 millimetre cartridge chamber in her hand luggage.

According to Swedish media reports, she was to appear in a local court. No official from the Swedish Embassy in New Delhi is on the way to Goa, where the Swedish woman is being held, according to Swedish foreign office. However, the embassy is reported to have had contact with her relatives and the Indian authorities.

“What we know is that an investigation is initiated, which is expected to take two weeks. I do not think there is any criminal offense,” says Camilla Akesson Lindblom for the Swedish defence press service.

According to the India paper, Hindustan Times on Thursday, she is reported to have been in custody for two weeks in South Goa.
Indian police have been investigating the incident, which attracted much attention in the Indian press. The woman denies the charges and claims that she does not know how the cartridge got into her luggage.

The woman was on a private holiday when she was arrested.

The question now is what is the relationship between a worker in defence industry and component of a weapon/gun/cartridge?
By Scancomark.se Team

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