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Penny wise, Pound foolish. How Swedish customs focus less on illegal weapons crossing the border 

Thursday, 05 January 2012
Malmö in southern Sweden is a violent place to live in the country. Almost like a Wild West American city, with guns everywhere, that is against Swedish way of life.

In Sweden there are very strict gun laws – on paper, that is, but people own guns here illegally. How these guns get into the country has remained a mystery until it was suggested that the Swedish customs pay little attention in checking guns entering the country.

Malmö police sees a large supply of smuggled weapons as a contributing factor to the growing number of fatal shootings in the city. But the Swedish customs seized just 38 illegal firearms last year.

And the reason for this is that the government has forced the customs to prioritise their checks on drugs and alcohol instead of anything that supposed to be illegal entering the country.

The Swedish customs has not a single dog that can search for weapons or explosives. The reason is that their duty does not give priority to illegal weapons, according to tow Swedish newspapers - Svenska Dagbladet and Dagens Nyheter.

This is after the government gave the customs directive to focus on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, among other things thus resulting in the customs in Malmö having about 40 drug dogs and not a single one for guns and explosives.

While police seize hundreds of weapons per year, the custom seize just in recent years at most 30 to 40 weapons a year.

Not even on the Öresund Bridge which weapons smugglers use as their main road does the customs kept sharpened with an outlook for weapons. Last year, customs found seven weapons at the bridge which had its root in Malmö - where a large number of murders with firearms had occurred.

Last year Denmark tried to put checks on its border just to eradicate situation like this where illegal weapons would be smuggled into the country. The country was heavily criticised by Sweden for being too hard of immigrants or being to controlling on the freedom of movement. Today the lack of such controls could see how damaging Malmö has become.

The idea that the Swedish customs is giving less priority to weapon control has been heavily criticized by the opposition Social Democrats and the National Association of Victim Support who now wants that customs must start paying more attention also to arms and explosives.
By Scancomark.se Team

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