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Swedish capital Stockholm to become old people’s home as thousands of young people fleeing the city

Sunday, 26 June 2011
Stockholm miserable housing market has created a counter reaction among young people. Many of them cannot pay the Stockholm rents as such they are forced to disperse to other parts of the country.

Stockholm needs lots of professionals and the city is tipped to grow economically faster than most part of the country and even the Nordic region. Most f these professionals are young recently graduated or young entrepreneurs trying to get themselves into the economic chain in the IT or related sectors which Stockholm is the centre. 

But Sweden is a place where it is hard for some on to start a life or business with nothing. Therefore all the young people coming to the city must have a significant amount of money or they would be able to break in.
More than 15,000 people aged between 20 and 30 years are moving to Stockholm every year. "There is an emerging problem that Stockholm can not offer affordable housing to young," says Thomas Niedomysl, associate professor of human geography at the Institute for Futures Studies.


Migration to the Stockholm region far exceeds out-migration. But in the last ten years the numbers of young people who have moved away from the city has increased, according to a demographic report from the Regional Planning Office. Reasons for the decision to move from the Stockholm region are several, but one is the difficulty in getting affordable housing.

All 26 municipalities in the county (Stockholm) say they have a housing shortage, and almost all say they have very small rental units. Only in Stockholm, there is the lack of about 73,000 apartments today.

“The more difficult it becomes, the more people are choosing to move elsewhere. And often the wages do not reflect what it costs to live in Stockholm. So they can, earn really great by moving to another city,” said Thomas Niedomysl.

For young students, they have no fixed jobs, low income and a long waiting list on the Housing Service, it is especially difficult to find an apartment. And for a first contract on a new construction, few of them can afford. The rents range between about Skr7000 a month for a normal apartment.

The alternative is to live at home with parents, if any or stay with friends. Such is life for more than half, 54 percent of young people in Stockholm age between 20 and 27 years, according to the Tenants' Association.

Thomas Niedomysl who studies migratory flows warns that the situation will get worse. The backlog of house construction, combined with the large hill of 1990s baby-boom generation entering the housing market in a few years may hit growth in the region badly.

“The population issue is important in all areas. It affects everything from health care and education to companies' ability to recruit,” he says.
By scancomark.se Team

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