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Swedish Social democrat leader not a very happy tourist as he mock fellow party members openly and curse at the cost of drink in turkey

Sunday, 24 April 2011
Well, we don’t usually go into celebrity related type of news or gossips on personalities but we found this one pretty amusing and thought that we could lighten and diversify our news structure for once.

This has to do with the leader of the Swedish Social Democrat party – the new leader actually,  called  Hakan Juholt who has supposedly been spending a nice quiet holidays in Istanbul in Turkey.

The Swedish news paper, Expressen reports that the leader was spotted in a bar in downtown Istanbul where he was relaxing with his girlfriend, �sa Lindgren, on Easter Friday. Swedish tourists who  visited the Turkish holiday spot explains to the paper how the new  Social Democrat party leader complained about drink prices, mocked his colleagues and read aloud from internal emails from party colleagues, embarrassing?
“He was upset and asked the waiter why his dry martini actually cost 15 lira,” a Swedish tourist who was at the same restaurant told the paper.

The paper continues that on Friday, the couple visited the Hotel Pierre Loti in central Istanbul, which is known for its rooftop restaurant. Wearing a green hooded t shirt and white Capri pants the leader and his girlfriend were having an evening relaxation. Amazed Swedish tourists saw Hakan Juholt in the restaurant ordering the Dry Martini while hiss girlfriend ordered Irish coffee.

But the political leader of the biggest political party in Sweden was not satisfied with the price of his drink.
“He was upset and asked the waiter whether his dry martini actually cost 15 lire, equivalent to Skr60,” he told the paper. Juholt thought that the Martini was too expensive. "15 lira for a martini," he muttered aloud to himself, "said the Swedish tourist.

When staffs at the Pierre Loti were told that the guest in the restaurant was a high-ranking politicians in Sweden it was thought at first it was Fredrik Reinfeldt. Restaurant manager tells Expressen that the leader had made special demands on his dry martini.

“At first he did not have gin in his dry martini, but then he changed his mind and I poured the gin, "she said to the paper.


It was not just the drink prices that made Hakan Juholt irritated. A tourist who was sitting near Hakan Juholt explains how Hakan read aloud from an email conversation with a party colleague.
“He read aloud to his girlfriend from an email conversation on his iPhone which apparently made him angry. It seemed that someone asked him not to complain about Anders Borg (Finance minister), because it would look bad, "said the tourist.

The so-called euro pact, which the Social Democrats do not want Sweden to join in, was up for discussion at the couple's table.
“A woman in the party was in support of Swedish involvement in the euro pact, which he was furious.” So far she has not thought about it because she has no head," said Juholt about the female colleague, " said the tourist from Sweden who happened to hear how Juholt complained,  report Expressen.

Prime minsters, Fredrik Reinfeldt was also given a swipe when Hakan Juholt, thinking that  no one listened said that the prime minister had nothing which people could associate him with.

He said "Fredrik Reinfeldt has been sitting there for five years and has not one single issue that personifies him. I've only been sitting for a month and I’m already associated with the cultural issue," a tourist who was listening told Expressen.

Hakan Juholt’s girlfriend was as at the March exposed as a fraud. She had been convicted of fraud in the past when she worked for a travelling agency. She had manipulated the systems at the agency that made money to be transferred into her personal account for fake claims such as lost baggage. Since the new broke out she had maintained a very low profile

But it looks like Hakan Juholt is not a naturally happy man or that he is a type of tight fisted politician. He seems to lack the type fleur and likability that some can associate with charismatic leadership.

When in public places and surrounded by people you don’t know, keep all your embarrassing behaviour private for you don’t know who is watching you, especially if you are likely our prime minister in waiting.
By Scancomark.se Team

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