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Swedish Nazi rhetoric similar to that of Norwegian mass murdered Breivik

Monday, 25 July 2011
Not much was know about level of radical far right activities in Norway that led to the heavy massacre of the Norwegian youth in the week end the bomb explosion in Oslo but can the gradual legitimisation of the far right in the Nordic usher in a new phase of the “revolution?”

The types of noises coming from Scadinavina far rights on recent have been very string and most of them have gained legitimacy. The most noticeable is the accession to level of legislature of the Swedish far right party, Sweden Democrats. Since the party came to the Swedish parliament, far right activities in the region have been growing stronger. In Finland recently the True Finns with slightly similar views as the Anders Behring Breivik won a big support in the parliament.

In Sweden, the Swedish Nazis already use a rhetoric that supports terrorism like Anders Behring Breivik. But the question remains as to how far the leap from words to action will occur. "There are those who express the desire to carry out a revolution," says John Jakobsson, a reporter for the Swedish anti far right magazine Expo.

John Jakobsson has followed the right-wing movements in the Nordic countries closely during the past five years but an act of violence like the one in Norway, he had never expected.

“Never on this scale. I thought that perhaps there would be a major escalation of violence in the Swedish environment. There were signs of that a few years ago when the police intervened against the Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR), including a bar to an awful lot of explosives and automatic weapons from a member's apartment,” says Jakobsson.


But rather, he says, there have been fewer outreach activities in recent years. What has happened has generally been a breach of individuals, often in the form of abuse against opponents. But signs of an imminent armed attack existed also in Sweden.

“If you look at the rhetoric, there are circles of people Nazi in Sweden who use the rhetoric of overall struggle against society, an extreme ideology that goes out about the same things as that Breivik has been fighting for. There you see innocent people as legitimate targets because they set up on the democratic society.

Jacobson believes that similar events could happen in Sweden, but it probably requires a highly disturbed individual to implement them.

These types of people can be very difficult to monitor by the police.
“If you look at the Islamic environment, there are many who radicalized the group who can be seen. One might seek a mosque where they preach hate or meet family and friends who share the same views. It is relatively easy to keep track of them.”

But within the Swedish white power movement, there are certainly people who have the potential to take up arms. “But I do not think there's right-wing extremist who are organized and prepared to implement it. The difficult part is detecting those individuals who embrace the ideas and then put themselves forward as individuals to execute them. They will not be able to express their plans openly.

Jacobson would not determine if the terrorist attacks in Norway could inspire something similar in Sweden. “It remains to be seen. I'm thinking very much about it but it is too early to tell.”
He also adds that: “I always find that there are reasons to keep an eye on them, precisely because they are for this kind of ideology. What has happened in Norway, the ultimate outcome of a mindset where you sort people into different groups where some are better than others.
“So far it has stayed at the rhetoric In Sweden.”
by Scancomark.se Team

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