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Swedish Lundin Oil company associated to the government linked to warlord in Sudan

Friday, 23 March 2012
Another embarrassing information has emerged to confirm the strength of the Swedish oil company, Lundin petrolium, in the conflict in Sudan in which the company was accused to participate in the death of many people.

According the new revelation, a notorious warlord in Sudan was hired to "clean up" the oil fields in the country - in return for payment from the oil companies. The more embarrassing is that Lundin Oil is a Swedish company very close to the Swedish government with some past officials sitting there as minister such as Carl Bidlt which is the minter of external affairs.

Despite the fact that Sweden pride itself as a state that grant save heaven to people fleeing persecution in their own countries and would provide various forms of economic aid to suffering countries, a company very close to the government would be present in the area at the same time when people are being killed.

A classified document which the Swedish tabloid news paper, Aftonbladet have read, revealed an agreement between the Sudanese government and militia leader, Paulino Matip, known as one of those in Sudan who carried out the largest number of violations of human rights.

The document promised Matip arms, ammunition and vehicles to be supplied by the Sudanese army. In addition, Matip was promised "some cash" from oil companies, to be paid by the government in Khartoum.

The assignment for the War boss is to "clear all the villages and rebel pockets near the oil fields until Gogrials limit." The human rights organization Human Rights Watch accuses Matip for carrying out an ethnic cleansing to make it easier for oil companies to extract oil. Matip is also known for using child soldiers in its forces.

The document is dated July 27, 1998 and marked "very secret and personal". At the time there were three oil consortia in the area, reports Aftonbladet. The principal owners of two of them were Swedish Lundin Oil company and Canadian Talisman.

A documentary from 2001 shows Lundin Oil's chairman Ian Lundin in the fore of the image surrounded by armed child soldier in uniforms. Filmmaker Bengt Nilsson told Aftonbladet that the children belonged Paulino Matips forces.
In the past Swedish government and some of its authorities have been accused of cover- up in the conflict which celebrities such as George Cloney have been arrested and detained for  protecting about the conflict.
By Scancomark.se Team

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