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The Swedes are peeling bananas for Norwegians as prospects for jobs in booming Sweden is no were to be found
Wednesday, 09 February 2011
Young and energetic Swedes, able body workers needed to continue driving the economy can’t find work in Sweden and are forced to Norway to do what other migrants do – mean jobs.
The Swedes are taking the jobs Norwegians do not want. One example is to peel banana for the Norwegians. Norwegian companies are screaming for workers. And they would like the Swedes who are aid to have good reputation in the labour market.

The news is that Swedes have taken over jobs that Norwegians rejects – just like tables are turning as in Sweden foreigners are taking the jobs the Swedes don’t want.

Desperate Swedes cross the border to Norway in search for jobs and are able to take anything that are offered including peeling bananas for a popular Norwegian sandwich toppings.
Recruitment companies have plenty of Swedes in search of jobs. So labour is not hard to find.
By Scancomark.se Team

Key Swedish Facts
Official Name Kingdom of Sweden
King Carl XVI Gustaf
Prime minister Frederick Reinfeldt
Population 9.3 Million
Capital City Stockholm
Monetary Unit Sweden Krona (SEK)
  1kr = 100 ore
Domain Name .se
Int. Dialling Code +46
Official Language Swedish - Main
Other minor languages
Religion Christianity
Main stock market Name NASDQ OMX
  • OMX 40
  • OMX 30
Internet Speed 5.7 Mbps (2009)
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