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Sweden's population nearing 9.5 million people as African immigrants fall and more people emigrate from Sweden

Wednesday, 21 December 2011
9 481 000 persons - that is the estimated population of Sweden when the church bells ring on New Year's Eve.

Over the year the population is expected to increase by 66 000 persons according to preliminary population statistics from Statistics Sweden. The population is assumed to pass the 9.5 million mark during the spring of 2012.

On thing stands out - immigration during 2011 is expected to include 95 000 persons, which is roughly 4 000 fewer persons than in 2010. It is mainly immigration from Africa that has decreased, which is because considerably fewer Somali citizens immigrated during the year compared to previous years.

Immigration of citizens from Egypt and Libya where there have been considerable disturbances during the Arab Spring stands out. Immigration from those countries has increased sharply percentage-wise, but the number of immigrants from there is more modest.

Immigration of Egyptian citizens is expected to increase from roughly 400 persons during 2010 to nearly 700 in 2011. The number of Libyan immigrants is expected to increase from about 100 to 200.

Emigration from Sweden has accelerated and 51 000 persons are expected to leave the country during the year. Last year about 49 000 persons emigrated from Sweden. In addition, last year's figure included an unusually high number of de- registrations of persons whose domicile had been unknown for some time, roughly 4 200.

These persons were registered in the statistics as emigrants. Citizens from Asia and Europe (European countries outside the EU and the Nordic countries) accounted for the sharpest increase of emigration.

It is expected that 111 000 newborn children will see the light of day during the year. The number of children born will decrease by 4000 compared to last year. During all the 2000s the number of births increased constantly. It is not strange that the number of births sometimes changes.

During the entire 1900s in Sweden, the number of births has varied sharply from year to year.  Among other things, these variations occur because the number of women of childbearing age varies. They also occur because of variations in the time in their lives when women have their children.
The number of deaths is estimated to remain at last year's level of 90 000 persons. Mortality varies only slightly in the short term and depends on the number of persons in higher ages.
News source Statistic Sweden

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