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Sweden’s Social Democrats party leader said it’s a shame Swedish educational system is like the Americans. Promised to redress that ASAP with “responsibility”

Sunday, 21 August 2011 
Sweden’s Social Democrats party leader Hakan Juholt met on Sunday, hundreds of audience in the play park, Lugnet in V�stertorp, in the Stockholm suburb. Here he gave a summer talk in which he made big promises including a commitment to build more student apartments, expansion of the Stockholm subway and to stop the return the Swedish educational system from remaining like the Americans.

The Social Democrat leader, who would otherwise mostly be associated with his hometown Oskarshamn, has for five years lived in an apartment in V�stertorp in the outskirts of the capital Stockholm.

His is how why and how he came to lead the way from the subway to the game park where he gave the chatty speech t his supporters.

Juholt listed a series of points. Some of which he had mentioned before in the proposals for the autumn budget, such as drive to help all young people to get summer jobs and the ambitions to strengthen the infrastructure of Stockholm.

Juholt noted early in his speech of investment in the Stockholm region that will benefit the whole of Sweden. He described the region as Sweden's growth engine, and that it is crucial for the country that Stockholm continues pushing Swedish growth. He pointed to the problem, especially to the lack of student housing.

“In our budget, there will be a special investment to build new student apartments,” he said.
Hakan Juholt proposed a new law that allows municipalities to be able to support construction of new building as required such as to build in mixed areas with both rental apartments and condominiums.
He also promised that the Social Democrats will invest in the subway, with extended lines to include Stockholm localities of Barkarby, Nacka and T�by.

Hakan Juholt was not shy with his words when he spoke about the situation in school. He argued that Sweden is currently caught in a situation like in the U.S., where parent’s economics and social status determine what level and quality of education student will receives.


“Now we are on the same level as in the United States. It is shameful, rude, and it should be stopped,” he said.
He also said that it is important that taxpayers’ money destined for the school be used for just for that. The money should not disappear into tax havens abroad or given away as profits.

Juholt mentioned several times in his talk the word responsibility, and gave a swipe at Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt calling him to take responsibility for Sweden.
“Fair responsibility is more than acting like accountant, balancing a budget. It is to have an idea of where to lead Sweden,” he said.
“By not taking responsibility is to force the sick into poverty. Politics is taking responsibility for all citizens and not to ensure that we are only having pluses and minuses. That's accountant-like behaviour.”

Juholt continued to criticize the alliance's policies, especially how to deal with pensioners' taxes.
“It is not taking the responsibility by lowering taxes on wage earners and raising it for the pensioners. We will in the autumn budget, make a proposal which will make it better for pensioners through fairer taxation.” he said.

In connection with Norway's national day of mourning, Hakan Juholt said that he had been in contact with Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.
“Our thoughts are with them today. But we also know that they think of us. I have several times during the week been talking to Jens Stoltenberg. Our answer to those who want to spread hate is that the Social Democrats will always fight against xenophobic ideas especially those the Sweden Democrats are spreading. It is our promise and we will never turn our selves down.”
By Scancomark.se Team

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