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Sweden wants to avoid EU regulations on motorway standard

Monday, 19 March 2012
When the EU transport ministers will meet on Thursday, Swedish infrastructure minister Catharina Elmsäter – Sword is hoping on a Swedish exception to the role as Sweden would want to avoid the requirement that contributions should only be given to highways.

“In large parts of Sweden, particularly in the north, the question is tricky as a motorway standard there is almost impossible. It is just very expensive and we're talking more about a specific exception in these requirements in areas such as these where there are not so many people. Should I have the same type of requirements throughout Europe, regardless of population size?”

When the transport ministers meet in Brussels, they’ll agree on what rules should apply and therefore what the EU should give grants to in relation to road developments. Sweden supports most of the proposal as it is.

“On the roadside, you want almost motorway standard. In Sweden we have indeed highways and also two way road. But we also have many roads that do not have this standard at all.
Sweden hopes for understanding from the Commission and now the government has high hopes of being able to get through a Swedish exception so that roads in the north can be part of the trans-European transport network.”

Building on the roads in Sweden to the standard the commission now wants would, according to Catharina Elmsäter-Sword cost twenty-five billion Krona.

Sweden had been criticised by the EU for building up huge financial reserves in its coffers to show that its public finances is in good shape but has not take steps to improve infrastructure. Swedish authorities themselves have identified that Swedish transport system was lagging behind the European standard.
By Scancomark.se Team

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