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Sweden may be seen as a successful country but Greed and child poverty is exploding

Saturday, 16 April 2011
Child poverty is increasing in Sweden and nothing suggests that the situation is about to improve soon in the coming years.

Swedish arm of Save the Children organisation made the revelation after looking at changes affecting families and children in a Sweden which supposed to be a Mecca for welfare in the world.
Mothers with children know how poverty consume our daily lives and some of them describe the feeling of being the evil that stands in the way of their children. There are instances in families in Sweden where children are just like those in the third world where some simply luxuries like ice cream are far away from them.

Single parents are the most hit. Thinks like visiting the dentists are impossible because in Sweden dentistry cost good money. This also affects even those mothers who work like part time or those who receive some form of disability pension. Before the end of the month, most of them have gone really penny less.

Even if they don’t smoke, drink and don’t go out, life is still tough for them. Some have turned to the church for help. Even though the church helps, it is degrading and shameful for some to ask for food or money.

The contrast can be seen clearly in Swedish wealthy districts. There children as young as eight years old have been on holiday to places such as Thailand, Dubai and Caribbean. They talk about their house cleaners and are surprised that some people don’t even have a car. They have very different opportunities than the children from poorer neighbourhoods and they are living in a completely different reality.

Child poverty has recently become a weapon of the debate in Sweden. But many poorer mothers feel that the politicians don’t understand.
A single mother in that category who talked to the press said that "there is an undertone in the public debate that those who become ill may blame themselves. But no one chooses to be sick. Children should never have to suffer because their mothers are sick.”

An increase in child and housing allowances would help, according to those mothers affected and some call that there should be a culture of accessibility in Sweden to support systems.
"I remember when it was free to go to a museum. It was fantastic! We were able to do things together. Maybe we could not go abroad, but we could go to the museum and get a glimpse of how the world looked like," said the mother whom the press cornered.
By Scancomark.se Team

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