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Sweden is not a very great place for immigrant to build and boost a career.

Thursday, 05 May 2011
Sweden is not a very good country for immigrants especially if those immigrants come from the third world or poorer countries. This does not matter whether they have key skills or properly educated, in Sweden. People with background in social science are the most hit.
It is traditional for an immigrant from countries that are considered lower in class to remain unemployed in Sweden or get stock in a low grade job. This is not a new story in Sweden or in most of the so called developed countries. But in Sweden it is very normal that people with immigrant background just leave the dream of getting a proper career job in their region of skilled development to the native Swedes.

The risk of educated immigrants that never get a job in their area of professional training has increased and is increasing.  This is shown in a new survey from Statistics Sweden commissioned by the Union of people with background in social sciences, Jusek.

The Swedish government policy in which they want to assist all people with immigrants’ background quickly into a job is wrong and is not working according to Jusek-investigator Josefin Claesson, to radio Sweden.

“There are lots of incentives in the new establishment, reform that lead all to the wrong places. They organise jobs which they want people to get as quickly as possible. If you do not have a more long-term plan, and also economic instruments to back it up, so will these people get stuck in unskilled jobs,” Josefin Claesson told radio Sweden.

Take Galina Drozdova, a social worker, trained in Moscow for example. She came to Sweden three and a half years ago and recently got a job as a clerk.
 “I have applied for jobs in the social care area, as social secretary, "she said.
There are about 27 000 people with social sciences background but with foreign degrees in Sweden. A common denominator is the difficulty in finding jobs.
“It's hard to find a job in my field, but I think it is because my Swedish is not so good, "said Galina Drozdova to radio Sweden.


Jusek study shows that two out of three graduates, who took a job in their qualifying first job in Sweden, get stuck there even if it is not what they wanted to do. Josefin Claesson calls it a “lock-in effect”.
“Persons, who are not in a qualifying job early in their career, stay in unskilled jobs later on. Conversely, we see that as many as 91 percent of those taking up a lot of class work (spending more time in studies), stay in one, "said Josefin Claesson.

Four interventions, according to the study has been proved to be successful namely that  Swedish intensive language study, additional subject courses to meet already obtained degree from abroad, validation and professional networking.

It is easier to get the right job, when graduates speak English. For some one with an economic background such as Menent Beyhan, who came from Turkey two and a half years ago, it took only seven months. She is not surprised by the lock in mechanism.
But despite the risk of getting caught in the under-qualified jobs, Jusek do not think that their members should refuse to take certain jobs.
According Jusek there are more than about 27 000 people with social science background who come to Sweden since 1980, after the age of 24 years. Statistics Sweden's survey asked 1800 of them, 52 percent responded.

But what about those who are educated in Sweden and can’t get a job? Past publications by statistic Sweden has shown that there are lost of properly qualified well educated people with immigrant background – educated in Sweden, speak Swedish language to almost perfection but when their applications for jobs fall into the hands of employers, their names make it that they are hardly able to be called for an interview. If they happen to turn up to an interview the colour of their skin and other non Swedish biometric factor will means that hey end up being rejected.

Sweden is not a great place for any immigrants if they are black, Arab looking and from a poor country. White European looking would fit well in Sweden. Because of strategic factors increasing, Indians and Chinese are being seen as attractive for Swedish employers. Probably this is why the country’s economy is performing well.
By Scancomark.se Team  

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