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Sweden Democrats youth wing are demonstrating and there are clashes on the streets

Sunday, 10 April 2011
The youth wing of the Swedish far right party the Sweden Democrats were in town on Sunday – in Gothenburg to be more specific. They came to demonstrate and there was lots noise and frenzy around town but the police was at hand to try to cool down excitement from those who did not approve of the far rights. So far, they succeeded to march to central Gothenburg on Sunday.

The anti “racist” counter demonstrators threw egg in the air and the atmosphere quickly became bitter especially when the police showed the way to Sweden Democratic Youth (SDU) to march down the Avenue shortly after at 2pm local time.

A moment earlier there were hundred counter-demonstrators who had gathered outside the City Library on G�taplatsen. Then as a while bus rolled to the scene, about 50 or so far righ activist descended from the bus raised their Swedish flags.

Then all the counter-demonstrators started chanting "no racists in our streets". Then the street become covered by a dense passage consisting of police horses and vans and this helped the SDU-protesters to get from the central Gothenburg’s G�taplatsen to Kungsportsplatsen where they began their meeting in the square amidst massive boos from the environment.

Outside the cordon were, there were not only counter-demonstrators but also there were about 20 people from the extreme-right Swedish Democrat party who gathered and hung a banner on one of the riot fences.

The police did not take any chances and some 40 additional police officers arrived from southern Sweden on Sunday morning, to give support. A person taken into custody during the demonstrations. No one was arrested.

On a related development, a Sweden Democrat parliamentarian (MP) Thoralf Alfsson wrote on his blog that gang rape and murders in Sweden was committed by immigrants. According to Swedish television (SVT) reveal today.

"Is there anyone who is surprised that Ahmed was arraigned yesterday at Kalmar District Court for the manslaughter in Kalmar last weekend?"

He also adds that "In as far as gang rape in concerned, it is tied almost exclusively to offenders with the immigrant or foreign origin”.

He add that such crimes are found rarely among ethnic Swedes, but much more common in men from some other cultures where gender equality does not exist.

Sweden Democrats is a party in which several of its members have had a history of racist tendencies and organization’s main ideology is to ‘Keep Sweden Swedish’.

But these days the party says it is not a racist party and that it pursues a tough line against racism. Local party representatives have been repeatedly egg all over the place, and often the guilty ones have been stopped after calls from parliamentary groups who did not want the party to have a racial profile.
Also some sensitive party members have resigned on their own according just because they want to disassociate themselves with the racist rhetoric of the extreme wing on the party.
"It is always difficult to comment on individual quotations taken out of context and this is the first time I see these, but from the way it looks, it is not very good," said the Sweden Democrats' party secretary, Bj�rn S�der, to Swedish television.

By Scancomark.se Team

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