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Sweden Democrats MPs on "right wing" prom in Vienna.

Monday, 30 January 2012
Despite the intense growth of far right political activism in Sweden, the Swedes are not worried about how this activism affects their image abroad. Far right party, Sweden Democrats’ MPs have taken the next advanced move and have gone abroad to celebrate far rightism and Nazism.

Finland is worried about how the growth of far right politics in their country affects their image abroad but in Sweden far rightism is to be advanced and celebrated with creation of further alliances in international festivals.

This comes from news that thousands of demonstrators gathered late last Friday outside Hofburgpalatset in Vienna to show their displeasure against the annual WKR-Ball. At the ball, which is said to have far right extremist links, were Sweden Democrats MPs,  Björn Söder and Kent Ekeroth.

The ball has been removed from the UNESCO heritage list in 2013 as the alleged links with extremist groups have been identified.

"The annual ball is notorious beyond Austria's borders because of its leading xenophobic and right-wing profiles. Given that Austria unfortunately has good tolerance of xenophobia, it is a big step to actually kick the ball from Hofburgpalatset from next year, "says Lisa Bjurwald, journalist and author specializing in right-wing movements, to Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter.

Among the 3000 guests of sympathisers to the event were the Sweden Democrats MPs Björn Söder and Kent Ekeroth. The Party’s Secretary of the South of Sweden told the tabloid paper, Aftonbladet that he strongly disapproves of the connection being made between his party and far right activism.

“It's a terrible comparison and a way of trying to take cheap political points,” he said.
“It's a ball that gathers industrialists, politicians, and associations spanning the entire society. It has no links to extremism.”

Lisa Bjurwald is not the least bit surprised that Sweden Democrats had representatives at the ball in Vienna.
"It is exactly in these circles that Sweden Democrats will make more moves internationally - especially Ekeroth, who is a leading profile in the so-called counter jihad movement. Sweden Democrats politicians offer through these, good networking opportunities with peers and a chance to meet "the stars" of the right-wing extremist scene, such as the Front National leader, Marine Le Pen,” said Bjurwald.
By Scancomark.se Team

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