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Support for right wing True Finns Party slips, while the Greens gain

Sunday, 29 January 2012
Support for the True Finns Party has dropped by 2.5 percentage points since December to 17.4 percent. Meanwhile the Green League picked up about two percentage points, according to recent opinion poll conducted for the Finnish broadcaster, YLE published on Friday.

The opposition Finns Party is, however, still the second-most popular party in the nation.
Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen's conservative National Coalition Party (NCP) remains in the lead as the country's number one party, widening its lead over the Finns Party. NCP support edged up to 23.1 percent.

The Social Democrats are still the third-largest with 16.3 percent backing. The opposition Centre Party, in fourth, saw its support decline from 15.6 to 16.2 percent.
The Greens are meanwhile enjoying a rise in support, nudging past the Left Alliance into fifth place. Their backing rose to 9.6 percent as their candidate Pekka Haavisto moved into the second round of the presidential election. There were also slight gains for the Left and Christian Democrats.

The pollsters put the margin of error at 1.4 percentage points in either direction.
News source: Yle, Finland

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