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Social disturbances in Gothenburg, Sweden as Police officers attacked with fire bombs

Wednesday, 17 August 2011
Several police cars and police patrols vehicles have been attacked by youths in Gothenburg last night, and produce a scene that remained on-lookers of disturbances in London last week.

In Angered, a little outside Gothenburg, Molotov cocktails were thrown at police patrol cars and policemen were illuminated with green lasers, dazing them. Two police vehicles were also subjected to vandalism when they were parked outside the police station in Angered.

In Backa Hisingen, in Gothenburg, over the bridge, stones were pelted by young people at the police but no one has been injured in the attacks.

Bertil Claesson, commissioner and head of the police in Angered, is very concerned about the night's attacks on both police car and security vehicles.

“To throw fire bombs, petrol bombs, against the police are up to a level where it is absolutely unacceptable. I have never in my police career seen anything like this,” he says.
“This is extremely serious.”


Before the night's attacks, some 15 cars were recently burned in Angered in a parking lot. Police have in the past years tried to make special efforts in Gothenburg to address the issue of young people burning and vandalising cars, destroying property and, or obstructing emergency and police vehicles. This was very popular when during emergencies in the localities of Tynnered in V�stra Fr�lunda, Backa and Biskopsg�rden in Hisingen and in Angered.

Social services in these districts, described as some of the most deprived districts in the Gothenburg area because of high unemployment rates and concentration if immigrants, along with the police have for this years invested heavily in trying to curb the violence that usually occurred when school starts.

Police have patrolled more, while the districts have sought more proactive approaches by opening youth centres and organize more activities throughout the summer. This because in an area where most of the residents are poor, they cannot afford some of the past times enjoyed by some of the better places Swedes. Boredom has been blamed for the types of actions being carried out.
This is why today, police officials have been meeting with Angered District Council to discuss what more can be done.

Despite what happened last night and the recent car burning, it is still been determined that the situation this year is quieter than previous years, according to police boss in Angered Bertil Claesson.

No person was injured in the attacks last night, but police officers that were blasted with green laser experienced discomfort and temporary visual impairment.
Many of the rioters and anarchist could not be caught as the police found it had to keep with them on who were on scooters and in some cases had to withdraw due to safety issues.
By Scancomark.se Team

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