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The Swedish government has never been in this type of pressure as the revamped social democrats force the government to a corner for the first time

Sunday, 18 March 2012
The Swedish government has never in its six year reign been in such pressure as that the current Red-green coalition is putting it in.

In a recent opinion poll, the Red – Green  now have a majority of 50.1 percent mean while the ruling Alliance coalition are basking in 43 percent and the far rights, Sweden Democrats have 5.2 percent  and said to loose the rule in keeping the balance of power in the parliament.

All this depends on if such poll result is reflected in a general elections, that is, if one was held today. As such the polling organisation, Sifo which conducted the survey recently show that the Social Democrats are persisting in their success after a new leader was elected recently.  So the Social Democrats in the past has been repelling voters because their past leaders, Mona Sahlin, was stuck in the past Social democrat principled of too much centralised controls funded by heavy taxation.

Then Håkan Juholt who took over laster lasted only for a while  and faced a very anger -filled  Social Democrats who needed a man with charisma and power to take on the stubborn Alliance coalition and also someone who could move the party to the modern era. Then dogged by various scandals of impropriety and weak perception from the crowd, Håkan Julholt was forced to limp to side.

It looks like the new leader, Stefan Löfven is ticking all the boxes just about two months of taking over, and he has a way of making the government of Fredrik Reinfeldt start panicking and thinking of the possibility that they might be booted out of power in the nearest future.

The Social Democrat party increased in teh most recent opinion polls by 4.5 percentage points as such under Stefan Löfven, since he became party leader, the Social Democrats have grown by 9.1 percentage points.

“I have never seen this type of sharp change within two consecutive months. But one must assume that the rate of change will not last,” says Toivo Sjörén, head of Sifo opinion polls division to the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

The Moderates party was the biggest losers with some 4.2 percentage points. With its 28.7 percent the party is now less than Social Democrat’s 33.7 percent.

The Social Democrats' success this time is not at the expense of the Green Party or the Left party as before.  Instead, the direct transitions comes from the Moderates.

Political scientist, Jonas Hinnfors, explanation is that, Stefan Löfven seems to have introduced the party toward the centre with more options that some of the bourgeoisie supports are pleased with. It is a matter of wait and see if this support will last and continue from here henceforth.

The Poll was published in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and Göteborgs-Posten.
By Scancomark.se Team

Polling perception
People's Party (Liberals)
Centre Party
Christian Democrats
3.5 -0.3
Social Democrats
The Green Party
Left Party
Ssweden Democrats
5.2 0.5

1918 voters were contacted randomly on phone between 5 and 15 March and the question: Which party would you vote for if the election were today? was asked and the above results were graduated from that.

Source: SIFO opinion survey

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