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Snow fall in Sweden in June – global warming, global cooling, climate change we don’t know!

Friday, 01 June 2012
On the calendar, today is the first of June which supposed to be a real summer day. This means that we were supposed to have great sunshine and would be our side in the gardens basking – if not at work though.

But such is the reality if you do not live in the Swedish town of Långsjöby a couple miles from Storuman in Västerbotten. Here it has been snowing very well such that a few centimetres of snow is visibly seen gathering n the on the ground now.

Visitor to the town from places such as Stockholm where surprise to find snow and some though that they have been travelling in a time machine.

It is also cold, in many places in the hinterland, according Swedish met office – it is coldest in Stekenjokk in Southern Lapland with -5.7 degrees. Even in Hemavan it is -3 degrees.
Talking more global warming or global cooling or …! In short climate change irrespective of the direction.
By Scancomar.se Team

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