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Several detained at the right-wing demonstration in Stockholm

Saturday, 10 December 2011
Swedish police in central Stockholm were on full gear today as the great planned extreme right demonstration in Gamlestan in Stockholm went on as planned. Several counter – demonstrators were arrested.

Several hundred of right-wing extremists at 14 o'clock started their match in Mynttorget and then counter-demonstrators responded by throwing a series of firecrackers that exploded in the square. A few minutes earlier counter-demonstrators also threw eggs and bottles at the right extremists. Several counter-demonstrations had been authorized by the police and the police hoped that the crowds should be kept separate.

Then some 20 policemen with dogs stood as a wall between the two groups.  About ten police buses have now been split between right-wing extremists and counter-demonstrators.

One of the teams of counter-demonstrators was dispersed by the police earlier. This included the Brittan damgympa and Action against deportation. Counter-demonstrators began throwing things and interfered with right-wing extremists and police who guard their approaches to Mynttorget.

It was pretty chaotic as several people tried to cross the riot fences according to some on lookers. They estimate that there are up to about 500 counter-demonstrators, of whom 300 are gathered outside the parliament.

The mood has been very irritable in the afternoon, with slogans being chanted and at least one heavy blow was heard, reports the news agency TT's reporter at Mynttorget.
According to police, it was a percussion cap that exploded at the National Bridge. Nothing exists that someone could have been damaged during detonation.

Eleven people, probably all Danish citizens, also were arrested during a check of two vehicles at Hornstull. According to police, they were left-wing activists who were taken away by the by the police, to avoid future disturbances.
A young man has also been expelled from the area around Parliament House.

The pain to Sweden now is that they cannot hide their bitter strong relationship with the Nazis and the extreme far right as the whole world's attention is directed towards Stockholm on this particular day which is very important due to the Nobel celebrations.

Other disruptions include Christmas shopping which is supposed to be in full swing and the Gamlestan is normally a very busy place this time of year.  The police have issued an invitation for the public to avoid taking their cars into town this afternoon.

“If you want to be in the Gamlestan, you can of course be there but you should be aware that it will be crowded and sometimes disturbing. We prefer that you do not take your car. Ideally, it is advised to take the subway.
By Scancomark.se Team

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