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Scores arrested detained in Poland because of their dealing with Norwegian far right Breivik

Wednesday, 12 October 2011
Polish police have arrested customers of the company where the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik Behring ordered bomb materials to create his terrorist attacks in July.

Following advice from Norwegian colleagues, Polish police made a search of 85 homes belonging to customers of the web-based company in Poznan in western Poland where Breivik purchased material. Information on the numbers of those arrested varies between 10 and 19.


According to Magdalena Prus, spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office in Poznan, they are arrested on suspicion of "manufacturing, processing, use and trafficking in explosives."
The company is run by a 26-year-old chemistry student, according to Norwegian news agency NTB.

According to the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, Breivik contacted the company for the first time last November, asking the price for the fuse that burns a centimetre per second. He was told of a fuse costing one zloty (equivalent to 2.1 Swedish kronor) per meter, and he would have ordered 15 meters.

In July, a 32-year-old Polish man in the city of Wroclaw in south-western Poland was arrested for selling chemicals to Breivik which he used to manufacture of the bombs which he used to create carnage.
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