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Safe sex Sweden: Only three out of ten young people use condoms

Tuesday, 05 April 2011
Young people in Sweden have ignored advices and directions given to them about sex protection and have indulged in sexual activities without protecting themselves. Report out on Tuesday show that the number of youth protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancies and from sexually transmitted diseases is at a very low level making Sweden the country with the least sect protection the Nordic region.

The authorities are now suggesting that its time to re-establish the condom as protection against both unwanted pregnancies and from sexually transmitted diseases. This is the conclusion drawn by a team of scientists and physicians based on the largest study carried out on young people's sexual habits in Sweden to date.

One of the authorities responsible for the study, Karin Stenqvist talked to radio Sweden that “We believe that the strategy is unreasonable, it relegates the condom to the second row, and make it to become a second choice, and often not used ".

In the new study, 15 000 young people and adults aged 15 to 29 years answered questions about their sexuality and about the risks they face in terms of unprotected sex.
The report, which was today published on the Swedish daily,  Dagens Nyheter’s debate page termed UngKAB09,  shows that only 30 percent of youths used a condom at their last intercourse.

The strategy in Sweden, as it has been in the several decades has been to provide every young woman birth control pills to avoid the risk of teenage abortions. But it has not worked, "said Karin Stenqvist.

“Sweden has the highest number of abortions in the Nordic countries, suggesting that the current strategy is not good in the actions against unwanted pregnancy either, "said Karin Stenqvist.

In Swedish youth centres, women have asked to use both pill to prevent pregnancy and condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
But the new study shows that 60 percent did not use a condom just because the woman was already using the pill.
Karin Stenqvist thinks that now is the time to change strategy and several of her colleagues also agree.
“We need to have a discussion on how we can increase condom use. It is very important given that sexually transmitted diseases are so common and that HIV is everywhere and is still here for many years to come. The young people are exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. They have to bring out the condom more at the expense of perhaps the pill, "said Karin Stenqvist.

The study debunks the Swedish self-image of a country with a leading role in contraception, according to Karin Stenqvist, Barbro Lenn�er Axelsson and Stefan Laack.
By Scancomark.se Team

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