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Rise in New criminal gangs in Sweden cause more violence despite economic prosperity

Wednesday, 01 June 2011
The numbers of criminal gangs are on the increase in Sweden, according to police. Already established groups are now facing competition from new suburban gangs in many parts of the country, which is one of the reasons why the police have seen an escalating violence in these circles in the past two years.

“There is disagreement as to the criminals in terms of territory in their market share, be it drug dealing or extortion. Some of these criminal organizations that have existed for some years now have competition from what we sometimes call the ethnically composite groupings or so-called suburban gangs, "said Klas Friberg, head of the National Police to radio Sweden


Since January this year, more than 20 shootings on the street attracted attention especially in  Gothenburg and Malm�, where the majority of the shootings are determined to be clearly links to criminal gangs.

In addition, the biker gang Outlaws has made a return in many places, and according to police sources, Hells Angels and Bandidos are reported to be working together to counter them. This type of scenario is also seen in gang laden countries such as Denmark where similar suburban gangs, have multiply by growing competition.

“These unfortunately are willing to take very serious forms of violence. Disproportionately severe violence is taken by the criminals to keep their market, "said Klas Friberg.

The picture of increased tension among the gangs is also found outside the major cities. In Link�ping, criminal gangs such as the M-16, with close ties to another, Black Cobra, has expanded within the last six months. At the end of March there was a clash with another criminal gang, Asir, where also passing joggers was stabbed according to radio Sweden.

“It has changed quite quickly here; we have had increased pressure from criminal groups in the last year. The problem is that young people very quickly end up in this. They think that being a bit tough and joining  these guys for a while it's fun, then they start to seeing the benefits right quickly. And then they sit there,” said H�kan Stenb�ck, Link�ping police chief.

The question remains the reason for the strong growth of suburban gangs at this moment when the Swedish economy is doing well.  A partial explanation according to the Linkoping police Service is increased segregation and a greater alienation, where unemployment is still very high.
It is not clear yet whether the gang members are made up immigrants, a mix of both immigrants and Swedes or otherwise. It is clear that Swedes have advantage in the job market than immigrants. Therefore how is the criminal gangs made of in terms of composition?
By Scancomark.se Team

The Most notorious and dangerous criminal gang in Sweden

Hells Angels: Criminal motorcycle club with member branches in some 30 countries. Established in Sweden in 1993. Contained in the main cities including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Bromley, G�vle, Karlstad and Lulea.

Bandidos: Criminal motorcycle club with roots in the United States. Founded in Sweden in 1994. They are arch enemy of the Hells Angels. Can be found in cities including Stockholm, Malmo, Uppsala, Sweden, Ludvika, Halmstad, Karlstad.

X-Team: Supporter club of the Bandidos. Found in places including Stockholm and Bor�s.
Red Devils: Red Devils MC is a supporters club for the Hells Angels. Just as the Red and White crew popular in Stockholm, Norrk�ping, and Lule�.

Outlaws: An international network of motorcycle clubs formed in the United States. The Swedish Chamber was established in 2001. In 2007 it discontinued operations in Sweden but was restored again the following year. It is found mainly in the south of the country, but also including in Uppsala, �stersund, Orsa and V�ster�s.

Black Cobra: One of the biggest criminal networks in Denmark. Reported to have been established in Sweden after 2008. Found in particular in Malmo, R�gsved, Eskilstuna, Norrk�ping.
Asir: A multi-criminal network in Sweden formed in 2005. Found in particular in Uppsala, Norrk�ping, V�ster�s and Gothenburg.

M16: A criminal gang with close ties to the Black Cobra established last year. Found in particular in Link�ping, Norrk�ping and Motala.

Original Gangsters: An Assyrian criminal gang formed in Gothenburg 1993 and also found in addition to Gothenburg in Stockholm, Halmstad, Bor�s and J�nk�ping.

Fucked for Life, (FFL): A criminal network that emerged in Tumba 1999
Source: Police, Lasse Wierup and Matti Larsson: The Swedish Mafia, Norstedts, Stockholm 2007.

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