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Regrets for selling their organs

Sunday, 27 March 2011
We reported recently that at least 30 Swedes, whom because of shortages of organs for transplants in Sweden and the enormously lengthy queue, have meant that they have been buying organs abroad. As the economic situation and the health of those who sold the organs have not improved, the organs sellers  now regret ever carrying out the acts.

According to radio Sweden, some of these organs sellers who sold their organs to the Swedes abroad are regretting ever carrying out such a trade.

In places such as impoverished Philippines, 80 percent of agencies which sold organs have now changed their minds about the trade and 75 percent of those whom the organs where harvested from have not been better off financially. Similar figures are also found in India and Pakistan, according to renal specialist Benita Padilla, reports Swedish radio.

"Regret that I sold my kidney,” said Benjamin Abogado from Philippines who sold his kidney to a foreigner in 2006, but regrets that decision today, to radio Sweden.
“I regret that I sold my kidney. Maybe I’ll not live long now to see my son grow up, "says 36-year-old Benjamin Abogado sadly to radio Sweden.

He had been promised the equivalent of Skr30 000 for his kidney, but was given only half of that amount. It took him half a year before he could start working again in  making chili paper  according to radio Sweden. Still, the pains from the scars and his often tiredness are persist as the side effects of the surgery continues since 2006 that removed his organ to be sold to the foreigner.

His story is typical according to renal specialist Benita Padilla, and is consistent with research on Indian and Pakistani on organs sellers. Dr. Padilla is working on the national transplant institute NKTI and has interviewed hundreds of Filipinos who sold their body parts for transplants.

“80 percent regret, 75 percent have not got the better economic gains they sought after and more than one in ten have high blood pressure or other health problems that make them unsuitable as organ donors,” said Dr. Padilla to radio Sweden.

Asia is the most popular destination for sick westerns to go and buy organs and the poor Asian are those serously affected
By Scancomark.se Team

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