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Reasons why just being a “black human being” is a threat to a “Swedish human being”

Monday, 28 November 2011
Being a black person in Sweden is not an easy. Increasingly, Sweden is becoming more and more a very difficult place after their home land Africa for Africans to live.

From academically inspired insults, societal rejection, political scorn, abject discrimination in the job market and housing, to open abuses from high places in the political class in the country. This has led us to ask the question why Africans are such a threat to the Swedish person. 

Far right party, Sweden democrats have made it their duty to promote the feelings of the country towards the particular troublesome race as it is hard to open a new paper in Sweden without seeing a leading politician coming back to something which one would have though long eradicated.

You are a leading politician in a party that is represented in the Swedish parliament though your political lining is to the extreme right. Although your party is inspired by the benefits gained from the Nazi party and your country’s inclination to its principles as well as the made enormous wealth it gained during the reign of the Füehrer in Germany when he was out to create his third Reich, times have past as it has now been concluded that that his policies where evil.

And you too, living in one of the countries in the world that is thought to be the most advanced, refused to allow the past to go especially when you see you society gets more diverse and you see some black faces – which are eve fewer that in other places pass around. You get heated up and loose yourself and start insulting and cursing:
"For me, the nigger a nigger! It should not be an insult to be called nigger. There's the red race, the yellow race and I'm of white origin. A nigger is a nigger, and there is nothing derogatory about it,” says Annika Rydh, Sweden Democrat’s local politician in Älmhult.

The news was broken by the regional newspaper, Smålandsposten which interviewed Annika Rydh after she wrote a much-publicized post on her Facebook. There, she said it's not racist to say nigger.

“No, for me nigger a nigger. Nothing negative at all in it” says Annika Rydh. For example there are several cases at the Discrimination Ombudsman, where companies and government agencies had to pay damages / compensation to people who felt offended by the very word negro.  But according Rydh it is how the word is used that is important.

Annika Rydh also told the paper that that she knows a lot of people that do not react significantly to the use of the N -word. However, she aimed not to apply the word to blacks in their own social circle.
“No, I do not know any Negroes, there are not many here in our area,” explains Annika Rydh for Smålandsposten.
You don’t know the black man, you have not even met one, work with one but you just hate them. This is how race relations are in Sweden and this is why integration in this country will never happen. The fear of the black man for nothing scares the wit out of the Swedish man.
By Scancomark.se Team

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