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Polish truck drivers instructed to ram passenger cars off their route, mislead the police, forged driving documents and evade speeding crimes.

Saturday, 03 September 2011

Polish truck drivers who take a mandatory drivers' course for heavy transport are instructed to carry out life threatening incidents in which they should rather run over an oncoming car than to drive into the ditch - all to not damage the load. They are also instructed to manipulate the laws and falsify documents

A Norwegian newspaper, VG wrote on Friday, referring to a course instruction manual in which truck drivers in Poland participates in. It has to do with a mandatory course, for heavy duty transport drivers in which the EU instituted as a must review every five years.

The newspaper writes that drivers learn to use drastic measures and anything to protect cargo.
This means that if a Polish driver is being threatened by an incident, he would rather run over an oncoming car than to drive into the ditch – all, so as not to damage the load.

Another news paper, Verdens Gang writes that all the 720,000 Polish commercial drivers must take the course. In this course, according to branch trade organisation, Norsk transport in Norway, they also learn how to evade controls, push their way through traffic and how to carry out illegal speeding.
Polish truck drivers on the road in Norway, which the paper, Verdens Gang, talked to says they don’t know about the course and indicate that, the talk of that  they are instructed to run down cars is senseless.

Journalist Adam Kasprzyk, who has made the film, says he got through three drivers who brought with them hidden cameras for courses. As such the paper's information about the driving situation comes originally from the Polish TV channel, TVN24 whose investigative reporters collected the information via the students with the hidden cameras.

“To encourage drivers not to care about other drivers' lives in order not to damage the load is simply shocking,” said one course participant in the film.

Kasprzyk said he after the program has been contacted by people with relatives who are killed by trucks.
“I hope that the discovery may lead to better conditions. Most Polish drivers are good, and I think they are shocked by what they learn in the courses,” he says.

In this course, as the reporters had in the film it also show that the drivers according to Verdens Gang, taught how to forge documents, handle police questioning, cheat on driving and rest times, and avoid problems if they pick up prostitutes along the road.

 “That I have not heard of. But if it turns out that there is such a practice, I’ll take it up with the Polish Minister of Transport, when we meet in October,” says Norway's Minister of Communications Magnhild Meltveit Kleppe to VG.

Hans Engstrom at the trade organization Swedish Road Haulage Companies, told news agency TT, that he has difficulty believing in the information.

We are currently planning the Swedish version of these courses, which of course is based on EU directives. It is about creating a common platform for road safety in Europe.
By Scancomark.se Team

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