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People with African black background to demonstrate across Sweden against racism tailored towards Afro-Swedes

Monday, 09 May 2011
On May 12, 2011there would be a demonstration across Sweden called by the Afro-Swedish community. City areas such as Lund, Malm�, Gothenburg and Stockholm will see demonstration under the slogan "SHOW YOUR STRENGTH AGAINST RACISM AND HATEFUL ABUSE of African Swedes". The demonstration comes after the black people in Sweden are fade up of Sweden's  intense deep hatred for the black race in the country and lack of government protection for those minorities.

What can one say about the life of the black people in Sweden? They are almost non existent in the daily life of Sweden and even government policy does not involve them. Take for example, if the government says the unemployment rate is 7 percent, note that the rate excludes the black population. Or if there is the clamour of shortages of hospital beds, it is clear that does not involve the blacks. The blacks are seen in Sweden as pests and it is just due to fear of international condemnation, Sweden would have made it sure that blacks find it hard to live in the country.

Black people have been called all sorts of names in Sweden and even the police have made high level racist remarks, for example some two years ago in Malm�, black people were called monkeys by the police but nothing has ever been done about the issue.

Recently at Lund University students there painted their faces black to replicate the "slave trade auction" as it happened during that times in which Sweden designed and supplied special ships that transported the slaves to various areas of the new world. This, the African student in the university did not like that move which they considered too insulting.

The events have not only aroused disgust in Sweden but has sent ripples internationally where prominent anti-racists held condemnation of the events and the culture of impunity which  they believe reflects the deep racism in Sweden as a normal way of life. Traditionally the black people in Sweden have always been quiet and absorb most of the abuses heaped upon them by the Swedish public, its legal system, its job market, education, housing, healthcare etc. But now they are getting tired of the slave-like conditions they are experiencing while living in Sweden. 

Afro-Swedes in Stockholm in coalition with other African and Swedish anti-racist organizations are gaining broad international support are now calling the Swedish government to look into their plight. They will be submitting a petition to the government on the 11th of May in which among others will call for the following to be observed -

The governing parties in parliament should approve the bill 2010/11: Skr328 Swedish slave trade, which suggests that the task of spreading knowledge about the transatlantic slave trade and Sweden's role in this is given to the appropriate authorities as a continuous activity and that on October 9, the date of the abolition of slavery in Sweden in 1847, be made into a national day of remembrance.

This can create the collective consciousness of the transatlantic slave trade and the role of Sweden which ensure that a similar incident at the University of Lund does not repeat itself.

That the government allocates resources for the detection of the 2011 UN International Year for people of African origin and contributes financially to the permanent memorial at the UN headquarters in New York in memory of victims of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade.

To Lund University and Lund University Student Unions -
That Lund University Rector, Per Eriksson, immediately suspend the students who organized the "slave auction" at Halland nation while waiting the final decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

The students behind "slave auction" must obviously be excluded from Halland Nation and the Student Union. And that Halland nation's welfare officer has forfeited their confidence as a leader in that she was taking part in the "slave auction" and then in a series of statements sought to legitimize this racist spectacle.
By Scancomark.se Team
Editor’s note
Sorry that his article was poorly edited from the onset. We had a problem with our software as our composing in English clashes with the Swedish language and we failed to spot the errors until some reactions from readers. We are sorry and accept full responsibility. But we are improving and would correct these errors in the future.
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