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Norwegian mothers are the best – in a comparison.

Tuesday, 03 May 2011
Save the Children has compiled some facts about what it means to be a mother in various countries around the world and it shows different results. But the key is that Norway has best mothers.
Take for example this in Afghanistan, one in five children dies before age five. In Sweden, three small children die in a thousand births.

The top spot where mothers and children take the best out of life is in Norway, followed by Australia, Iceland and Sweden. Bottom where mothers and children have the worst out of life is Afghanistan - just after Niger, Guinea Bissau, and Yemen.

Statistically speaking, every woman in Afghanistan would lose one of their children.
“The die of the things that is very easy to be cured and prevented. This is not malaria or HIV but diarrhea, respiratory infections and malnutrition, "said Elisabeth Dahlin, Save the Children's Secretary General in Sweden.

Far down the list harbours a number of African countries south of the Sahara. In many of those areas one in three children die from malnutrition and one in seven children never attend school.

“These are countries that are in conflict or affected by natural disasters. The gap in those compared to others is appalling, "says Dahlin.

Countries have been ranked among other things the data on women's education, income, life expectancy, infant mortality in the country and the proportion of underweight children.
By Scancomark.se Team

Here is where is best to be a mother
1st - Norway
2nd - Australia
3rd - Iceland
4th - Sweden
5th - Denmark
6th - New Zealand
7th - Finland
8th - Belgium
9th - Netherlands
10th - France
155th - Central African Republic
156th  - Sudan
157th -  Mali
158th - Eritrea
159th  - Congo-Kinshasa
160th - Chad
161st - Yemen
162nd  - Guinea Bissau
163rd - Niger
164th - Afghanistan

The figures come from the UN and the countries' official data.
Source: Save the Children

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