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Norwegian militant Mass murderer Breivik to remain in isolation in prison as survivors revisit Ut�ya where 69 perished

Saturday, 20 August 2011
Norwegian far right mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik was told to spend further four weeks in Isolation after the judge in the Oslo City Court ordered on Friday.

Amidst a large media presence, the culprit was kept behind barriers outside the security room, according to reports. Shortly before the hearing, held behind closed doors, Breivik’s lawyer Geir Lippestad said that his client asked not to be sent to isolation.


But the Oslo City Court decided that Breivik should sit in isolated custody for another four weeks, according to Norwegian news network, NTB.

According to Breivik’s lawyer he is aware that some 500 families of the victims of Ut�ya killings were at same time on Friday, visiting the island for the first time after the massacre on 22 July.

Meanwhile, Early on Saturday morning, boats started go to Ut�ya with survivors of the massacred on July 22 in which some 69 lives perished. Many different vehicles were used in the shuttle.

Among those on the trip, are health workers and psychologists to assist those who might break down as a result of recalling the events.
Approximately 750 people are expected during the day to visit the island. Each survivor has had to bring a relative, friend or other person. Not everyone who escaped Anders Behring Breivik gunfire has chosen to return to Ut�ya.

From the beach opposite the island, there is a large media presence.  On the northern promontory stands a small group points and show around. The slope where the Labour Party youth organization, AUF usually keeps their political rallies is a fair-haired girl standing still alone.
At 13hours, the AUF will organise a memorial ceremony on the island where, among others, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg will attend.

Counsellors say it is important for survivors to revisit the place where the atrocity took place.
“I think it becomes a powerful experience to come back,” says a 21-year-old Fredric Holen Bj�rdal to Aftenposten.

Bj�rdal hope that Saturday's selection will make it easier to focus on Ut�ya as it was before the massacre.
“We can again regain confirmation that the island is nice and pretty, and we can awaken the good memories again before the massacre,” says Bj�rdal and stresses that he will not only remember the gruesome images from 22 July.
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