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Norwegian mass murderer, Breivik breaks down in court for the first time after watching own propaganda film

Monday, 16 April 2012
Anders Behring Breivik who started his trial in an upbeat manner with a fist up, disowning the court seems to be human after all.

As the trial of terrorist and mass murderer Anders Breivik Behring continued, the prosecutors moved to show his own propaganda film culled from his home computer made up of some twelve minutes long movie.

The film spoke volumes about his political orientation, and this forced the mass murderer for the first time to exhibit some emotion.

Breivik started crying during the movie and his lower lip "trembled noticeably." After the film took the break, Breivik dried his tears before gotting up to leave the room.

Earlier in the trial, Anders Breivik Behring showed no emotion when the prosecutor read the indictment against him. However, tears appeared in several of the families of victims in the courtroom, according various media reporters present.
The trail continues

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