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Norwegian Skii star, Northug donates large to Charity Save the Children

Sunday, 20 March 2011
The Norwegian skiing star Petter Northug has donated more that Skr 1million to the charity Save the Children through a specially written sponsorship notes report various Scandinavian media sources in what the whole aspects of his attitude is being described as completely unique.

When he signed an agreement with the auditing firm BDO in 2008, he continued with the idea of giving his win bonus away. From 2009/2010 until today he has donated the bonus money, and others from the sales of gold jackets and money made from other activities contributed to more that one million Swedish Krona equivalent to his charity donation pot.
NorthugHow many 25 year old stars do donate such big to strong courses such as helping the children? This is why Northug is unique.

“Really, if the amount is that much, that I did not know, but I'm proud,” he said to a Norwegian newspaper. “This is for a very important purpose. Today, the money goes into the Save the Children’s relief measures. I can’t say what the money should be used for, there are those who know best where it's needed, "Peter Northug added.

According to report, Petter Northug’s father told a newspaper that he and his son felt that they should give out the money as sponsorship agreements grew.
He adds that they decided to give more money away as they continued to get more money. Instead of investing it on the stock market, he decided to give much more to the Save the Children according to per reports.

This scenario has brought some shame to some crafty Scandinavian stars who say that Peter’s generosity is amazing.
By Scancomark.se Team

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