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Mass murderer Breivik revisited The Island of death, Ut�ya showing no remorse

Sunday, 14 August 2011
The Norwegian extreme far right mass murderer,  Anders Behring Breivik was Saturday again back on Ut�ya to show police how he shot and killed 69 people - most of them young Social Democrats, on 22 July. He is alleged to have been indifferent to being back on the island. But he did not express any remorse.

According to the Norwegian newspaper VG, Breivik arrived to the island, which lies west of Oslo, along with several heavily armed policemen led by a rope around his body and fully tagged and handcuffs.
“It was necessary because of safety and risk that he might harm himself or run away,” said prosecutor Paul Fredrik Hjort Kraby at Sunday's press conference, according to VG.

For nearly eight hours, the detainee went around the island and showed how he had gone about it when he shot 69 people to death.

He sailed the same boat as he came to Ut�ya in the afternoon on 22 July, when he performed the massacre.
After arriving Breivik described to police how and where he shot and killed each of the 69 while two civil guards filmed a reconstruction of the killings process.


The reconstruction will later be presented in court in Oslo during the judicial process against him.

According to the newspaper he was calm and pristine. He seemed quiet and untouched as he detailed showing and explaining to the police, how he carried out the killings.

The entire reconstruction lasted eight hours, according to newspapers. To prevent curious on lookers from coming to Ut�ya and disrupt the reconstruction or discover Breivik, police had placed six police boats around the island. In addition, the policemen shielded constantly Breivik, so he could not be seen from far away.

According to VG Breivik was taken back to jail in Oslo by midnight on Saturday.

The reconstruction was done for the police wanted to determine if he could remember more details and the killing process. Prosecuting authorities confirm that there was new information about events during Saturday's hearing.

He has already given much information during the fifty hours he has been questioned so far. “Saturday's hearing gave us even more,” according to authorities

The reconstruction was also done extra carefully so as not to do it again at a later date, taking into consideration the interests of victims' families.
Do you understand the Norwegian language, watch the clip about the whole reconstruction here. Note: this is an external source and we have no control over its content,
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