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Norwegian Labour Party charging forward in recent poll as sympathy after the Ut�ya massacre drives in huge support

Thursday, 18 August 2011
The Social Democratic Labour Party in Norway is charging forward in a brand-new poll in which the party stands with the largest voter perception for 12 years.

The Norwegian government party, led by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, shoots up to 39.1 percent of the vote in the poll conducted by polling organisation, Sentio made for the business daily,  Dagens N�ringsliv.

The result includes an increase of at least 10.8 percentage points compared with the previous survey in July, writes the Norwegian business daily. The rise had to with that the Labour Party is now mobilizes in couching voters who voted for them before to evaluate choices available to them, according to researcher Bernt �rdal, a professor of political science.


The improvement can also be attributed to a "sympathy effect" after the massacre of Ut�ya where socialist youth politicians were murdered in cold blood by the right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik.

"It seems that the sympathy effect is significant, but the open question is how much this will turn out in the coming elections, "explains Bernt �rdal.
It is also uncertain how long the sympathy wave will last, according to election expert. "Sympathy is obviously a political direction. But there may emerge stuff up things that have previously been established that were dissatisfactory. It's no guarantees that this will persist, "said Bernt �rdal to Dagens N�ringsliv.

The measurement is based on 1000 persons and conducted between 9th and 15th August. Subjects were asked which party they would vote for if there were elections were to held today.

Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg and the Progress Party leader Siv Jensen, see things differently.
Jensen interprets the poll as a result of the special situation the country is in.
“Dissatisfaction with the country's health policies are suddenly gone. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has been good to lead the country in mourning. He is not as good at managing other processes,” says Jensen.

Solberg think people are aware that there are municipal elections next month and that the job then is to talk about issues that are important in the municipal election campaign.
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