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Norwegian King Harald V in tears during the memorial service for terror victims

Sunday, 21 August 2011
Norway today held a national day of mourning in response to the terrorist attacks a month ago. The death of the victims families, survivors and rescue personnel were invited to a memorial ceremony.

At about 15hours Swedish time, national memorial ceremony in the Spectrum in Oslo took off. Among the 6700 participants in the arena are those who survived the massacre of Ut�ya and the massive bomb explosion that damaged government quarters in Oslo as well as, relatives, emergency personnel and other special guests.

In his opening speech at the ceremony in the Oslo Spektrum, Norwegian King Harald V, said that  that almost all words have been lost, but he also reminded those gathered and the country never to forget the victims and their relatives, despite the fact that the national mourning, after this will eventually subside.

“We lost 77 people who had devoted their lives to fight for values that were important to them. I stick to the belief in a strong Norwegian democracy and on our ability to live safely and freely in our own country,” said the Norwegian king.


It was an emotional to King who shared tears and most of those who gathered. He devoted much of his speech to thank everyone who helped after the terrorist attack: rescue personnel, police officers, government people and all the volunteers who flocked to help as best they could. He turned also directly to Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg:

“He has been a solid national base in a state of emergency.”
At the conclusion of the speech, the king asked everyone to make sure to take care of each other.

President Tarja Halonen and Prime Minister Katainen represented Finland officially. From Sweden came, among others, Crown Princess Victoria and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg closed the ceremony. His speech about how love and courage is the only medicine against evil was met with a standing ovation from the gathered crowd.

This national day of mourning is important to honour the 77 people who Anders Behring Breivik killed on 22 July. But it's also a lot about a show of unity and caring for each other.
By Scancomark.se Team


Key Norwagian Facts
Official Name Kingdom of Denmark
King Harald V
Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg
Population 4.7 Million
Capital City Oslo
Monetary Unit Norwagian Kroner (NOK)
  1 NOK = 100 ore
Domain Name .no
Int. Dialling Code +47
Official Language Norwagian
Religion Christianity
Main stock market Name Oslo B�rs
Internet Speed 4.2 Mbps (2009)
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