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Norway to be overwhelmed by pre – Easter smuggling

Sunday, 17 April 2011
The Norwegian customs are expecting an astonishing bout of smuggling activities across the border with Sweden’s V�rmland before Easter. This idea is based on provisional data which shows that already contraband traffic has increased.

“The Norwegians are pretty thirsty during Easter, which increases smuggling, "said Morten Nystuen, office manager at Norwegian Customs in Kongsvinger to radio Sweden, apparently due to the fact that things like beer and wine used for Ester celebration in Norway is almost impossible to buy.

Last Sunday night the customs seized 2500 litres of beer and wine from five Polish registered cars, according to radio Sweden.
“It was a bit much, and we succeeded to stop three, two got away. Some additional resources need to be deployed” add Morten Nystuen.

Another problem is that many customer officers are also off during the Easter period, just like most organisations thus the shortage of resources.

He feels that smuggling is a full-time employment for some drivers. There is also a very strong market in Norway because prices in Norway are astronomical even for the Swedish standard.
A pint of beer for example in Norway costs Nkr25 as such it is very easy to get rid of a pallet of cheap beer or wine that has just crossed the border within no time – in fact just as piranhas devour a cow with a few minutes.
By Scancomark.se Team

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