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It is crazy that Norway needs non western immigrants.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011
A Norwegian official, Jens Ulltveit-Moe, who is the boss if the Umoe Group, a Norwegian energy and service company has called the need for increased immigration to fill positions in Norway as “nonsense that Norway needs immigrants”.

He points out that non-western immigrants impose net losses to the country. “Non-western immigrants are a net interest loss, according to Brochmann Committee. The committee was set up by the Norwegian government in 2009 to provide more knowledge about how the Norwegian welfare model works in a time of increased immigration and emigration.

For him, non EU immigrants work only for a short time and then fall into the social security system. They work far fewer years than the Norwegians do according to Ulltveit Moe reports the Norwegian news paper VG.

The Brochmann Committee recently presented a report on the welfare state's future in light of increased migration and Ulltveit-Moe, has been meticulously working with the committee.

He also believes that the committee should call a spade a spade. They would make Norway a great service by doing so.
“We have too long been having a romantic dream about this, and we believed that we want to have our cake and eat it too. That we do so because of humanitarian grounds, and that we will win. The committee is killed by the myth that we are dependent on immigration to maintain the welfare state, "said Ulltveit-Moe.

He believes that workers from Sweden and from Eastern Europe are important for the Norwegian service industry as well as the construction industry than those from outside Europe. When it comes to non-western immigrants according to Ulltveit-Moe, drawing from figures from Statistics Norway, it shows that Norway has had a net loss. EEA immigrants coming to Norway, work for a few years and go back home. That does not happen to the non-Western immigrants according to Ulltveit-Moe.

“With non-Western immigration is the opposite effect. They erode the welfare state, "said Ulltveit-Moe.

Ulltveit-Moe did not mean that social security benefits in Norway are good, but he believes that there should be more requirements to gain access to benefits. He supports further Brochmann Committee's proposal to remove the cash support.

Over half of respondents in a poll conducted for the news paper VG recently believe that the welfare model in Norway will be weakened as a result of increased immigration and emigration.

According to the poll 55.2 percent believe that the welfare model is weakened because of immigration and emigration. 23.6 percent believe that the Norwegian model can withstand increased migration.

The study comes weeks after Brochmann Committee submitted a report on the welfare state and the challenges that are associated with increased migration. The Commission proposes to adjust the purchasing power of benefits to a surviving spouse and children where the recipients live outside the EEA.

Participants in the survey have been asked if the Norwegian benefits should be adjusted to a price level in the recipient country they have moved to.  58.9 percent answering said yes. 22.4 percent believe however that the benefits should be retained as they are, no matter where the recipient lives.
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